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Overseas Client Reviews: Hypnotherapy & The Mentoring Programme 2020

"Thank you for making huge changes to my life. The programme has had a huge positive impact and I appreciate it.

Rebecca is very thorough in her work. She can help you to change your life in a more positive direction. I am now excited and looking forward to a greater future. Thank you" (Client from Italy, 2018)

"I flew from America to London to see Rebecca in Harley Street on several occasions. We also had sessions for the Mentoring Programme over 12 months on the telephone & Skype. I have achieved everything I wished for and more. Thank you Rebecca. I am truly grateful to you, and thankful for the life I now can live". (Client from USA, 2019)

What do you think went well during your mentoring programme?

During my programme I felt that writing down everything that had gone well in the week was really useful as well as writing down things that I wanted to improve upon. The hypnosis worked very well. Looking at the wheel of life was good too as it helped to show what areas of my life needed improving.

How do you now feel about your past, your present, & your future after completing the programme.

I feel a lot more positive about my future. I feel happier that I am now focused on my own goals and ambitions. I can see my future looking exciting.

I feel good about my present because I generally feel a lot more calmer and relaxed. I feel more organised in general and can feel that things are going well. I feel good knowing I have a good family and good friends, a good job and things to look forward to. I feel a lot more comfortable with my past. It's not something I think about at all. I realise that the past is not important.

Has your life changed in any ways, big or small?

I am more organised, I feel that my mind is clearer and more positive. I feel like I have gained control of my life and I feel more confident that I can achieve what I want.

Do you do anything differently now?

I am more positive, I have gained control of my life, and I am more confident and organised generally. I can achieve what I want now

I approach my thoughts differently.

Do you feel any different?

I feel more mature and that I can handle things better. I feel I have gained more awareness of my thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Do you think any differently now?

I think in a more positive way. I understand now that I can change my thinking by visualising a positive outcome and changing my thoughts to being positive. I can picture a positive happy future instead of imagining the worst. I don’t believe all my thoughts.

Do you do any new activities now?

I exercise at home, I practice the different techniques that I was shown in the sessions. I keep my bedroom tidy and organised. During the programme I practiced more Italian.

How has it benefitted your family and friends, and your relationships with them, from you yourself doing the programme?

Everything is more relaxed. I have understood how important they are to me. I feel more confident in myself and can have a laugh with them more. Also I can understand from their point of view and don’t take things personally. I’m more relaxed about things.

How has doing the programme benefitted your perception of, and your thoughts on the following areas in your own life;

*Health / Lifestyle / Work-Life Balance /

I bought some weights which I use at home.

*Career / Ambition / Finances /

I have started to take this area much more seriously. I feel more ambitious and focused on my goals. I plan and check my bank more regularly but that could be because I have more outgoings at the moment than usual. I feel more ambitious to move on with my career. To move it forward. I realise I am very interested in progressing up the pay scale and feel more motivated to do what needs to be done. I am also enthusiastic to do a course in hypnotherapy because I have seen the huge benefits it has had. I feel like I am so much more focused on this area of my life than I ever have been. That is a huge achievement for me and I think that this is what has made me feel so different.

*Family life / Friends / Relationships

I have improved my relationships with my colleagues at work. I let things go more. When I see my colleagues who don’t let things go, I can see how much more free I am and how much happier I am not to be that way. I think I have closer relationships with my friends and family now. I am more open because I feel more relaxed and we laugh more.

*Travel / Adventure / Fun / Happiness /

I have gained the confidence to go places alone. For example, day trips and now I have booked to go to Salerno knowing that most days will be day trips alone to see the sights around me. I feel that I can now have more fun because I know my inner values and character are very important when going out with people. My happiness is much better because I feel so much more positive and I am aware of my thoughts. I can easily change a negative thought to a positive one.

*Motivation / Confidence / Self Esteem / Inner Strength / Courage

Much better. I feel more motivated in my work. I have a strong goal of having my own apartment and I feel confident that my vocation will make me achieve this. I value myself more because I look at myself in a positive way. I feel like I am a stronger person because I know what I want more and a clear view of it. I feel more confident in going to Africa and Salerno.

*Peace of Mind / Being calm / Relaxation

I don’t get involved in my thoughts. I am aware of them and I am able to question them.

*Stress control / Anxiety Management / Anger Management / Panic

I know how to deal with stress or anything negative with the techniques I have been shown.

*Bad habits / Unhelpful behaviours / Negative patterns of behaviour

I am more aware of my behaviour. I can change them into something positive. This is something I feel I can almost look forward to now as a little challenge.

*Negative experiences / Bad memories

Although this can take more time, I think the havening technique does eventually work and change the way you view things. Also the swish technique was excellent. Probably the best. I can use all the techniques together and feel more confident that I will move past negative experiences quicker.

Do you now have any new goals or ambitions since doing the programme?

Yes. To move forward with my career and focus on getting my own apartment. These are now my main focus.

Has doing the programme broaden your perspective or broadened your horizons in any way?

Yes. I would now like to complete a hypnotherapy course and I would like to read more powerful books which were able to change my mindset like the Is that true book.

How would you describe the programme to family, friend or colleague?

It was excellent. I noticed a huge difference in my perspective.

How would you describe Rebecca to family, friend or colleague?

Thorough in her work. She can help you to change your life in a more positive direction.

How would you describe how you have changed, to family, friend or colleague?

I am more mature, more aware, relaxed and happier.

What is your biggest / proudest achievement or accomplishment from the programme?

Becoming more focused on career and ambitions. Focusing more on myself.

What did you most enjoy?

Reading the recommended book and the hypnotherapy. Learning about the hypnosis techniques. But overall I enjoyed all of it.

What further comments would you like to make?

Thank you for making huge changes to my life. The programme has had a huge positive impact and I appreciate it.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I am now excited and looking forward to a greater future. Thank you.

(Client from Italy, 2018)

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