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  • 100%  of my clients say they would recommend me to a friend.
  • 100% of my clients rate me (Rebecca) with a 5* rating.
  • 100% of my clients rate their hypnotherapy session with me as a 5* rating.
  • 100% of my clients say they are happy & fully satisfied with their 'change' after only one session.
I work with people in a variety of countries, including the UK, France, the USA, across Asia, & more, either face to face, or via telephone & Skype. I have a private practice seeing clients in Harley Street, London, and in Manchester, UK, as well as in Paris, and further afield. 
Previous clients include Government Officials, the OECD, The United Nations, The British Council, The ICC - The Hague, diplomats, executives, company directors, Tech Gurus, Silicon Valley, actors, TV personalities,  entrepreneurs, radio & musicians, red carpet celebs, fashion, self-employed, teachers, students, home-makers, nurses, artists, those searching for work, those with ill-health, and more...
Please read my full Biography at the end of this page.
If we connect and decide to work together (for Coaching or Clinical Hypnotherapy) then together we can decide our best means of moving forward. 
If face to face sessions are not possible due to distance we can have telephone or Skype sessions.  


I offer a FREE telephone consultation service, and Concessionary Rates are available.  

Please see my 'Fees' page for further details on my hypnotherapy and coaching fees.

Please feel free to get in touch with any queries or questions you may have, there is no obligation.  

Please contact me to find out more about the bespoke packages that are available.
I can provide a coaching &/or a hypnotherapy package tailored to your needs.
I am always happy to hear from you...
Always happy to help!
Please see more of my outstanding reviews & testimonials below...
and click here to read my successful 'Hypnotherapy Retreats' Reviews page;
"A life-change. Thank you so much!"
"My business took off and now I feel I can tackle anything".
"I have so much more confidence now and am having a real adventure!"
"I am just so excited for my future now - Thank you!"
"No more stress, no more anxiety. Just a sense of freedom in my life".
"I lost the weight that I had struggled with for 20 years".
"I have increased my motivation, my self-esteem and I feel empowered! Brilliant!"
"I quit smoking in one session and feel healthier than ever".
"I often got depressed and now I feel the happiest I've ever been. So grateful". 
"I hadn't been able to sleep and suffered from insomnia for years. Now I get a great night's sleep every night. Thanks".
"I used to suffer terribly from panic attacks but now it is no longer a fear for me or a worry to leave the house. I've got my life back!"
"My relationship is better than ever, thank you so much!"
"Super results and I can see the results in every single area of my life!"
"I have so much more faith in myself and my abilities now - nothing is impossible now".
"No more fear! Elated!"
"I kicked the habit!! Happy!"
"My phobia quite simply vanished into thin air!"
"What a Confidence Booster! The road ahead is now clear & bright. Thank you!"
"I have such inner strength & positivity now! A new 'me' filled with motivation and confidence". 
"I can see where my life is heading now - and I am driving it! Brilliant results! Thanks so much".
"My life rocks and I'm on fire!!"
"BEST coach ever!!"
"So kind and caring, yet challenging & effective too".
"Brilliantly talented and empathetic. A genuine, kind & sincere hypnotherapist & coach. Thank you for everything".



Rebecca Jones M.A. DipPCH (GHR GHSC) GQHP (MAC)

Clinical Hypnotherapist | Consultant

Rebecca Jones (M.A. DipPCH) is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Consultant (GHR, GHSC) (GQHP, MAC) and CEO/Founder:


'Paris St. Cloud' | Harley Street Therapy clinic |

'The Empire State of Mind' |

Harley Street Therapy Clinic | London W1 | UK |

Fifth Avenue Therapy Clinic | 5th Ave | NYC | USA |

Global Solutions | Worldwide

Initially trained by Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, & now a much trusted & highly valued part of their team, Rebecca is a highly sought-after expert in her field. Rebecca is an inspirational therapist and consultant with her thriving practice in Harley Street London and a successful clinic on Deansgate in Manchester; Rebecca is a dedicated, professional, highly experienced, and highly effective, successful therapist & consultant. Rebecca now also has a clinic on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, USA.

Harley Street Therapy Clinic in London W1 has now become the No. 1 Go to place for Clinical Hypnotherapy!

Rebecca is dynamic, resourceful, kind, and caring... and gets results!!!


An honoree of both the Global 500 Award, and also the CREA Global Awards over several years, Rebecca received both these prestigious awards in recognition of her innovative ideas, her resourcefulness, her commitment to helping others, and her achievements, professionalism, and accomplishments in the areas of mental health, therapy work, and therapeutic support and transformational change for others over the last 20 years. Other award winners included the incredible global celebrity, Oprah Winfrey.

Rebecca works globally with clients across the world. As well as her Harley Street Therapy Clinic in London, and Fifth Avenue Therapy Clinic in New York City, Rebecca works with International clients F2F and online virtually worldwide. Rebecca's clients include Governments and Government Officials, United Nations, British Council, OECD, Diplomats, International Criminal Court - The Hague, Silicon Valley, Tech gurus, The Cloud, Media presenters and Music moguls, Sports stars, personalities, and athletes, and more.


Rebecca works with her private and corporate clients alike, to build better lives, redesign their futures, and create personal freedom today!

Her latest book 'Source Your Inner Jet Pack: Rapid Transformations for Life's Jetsetters' is published, is out now, and is available on Amazon in Hardback, paperback, and kindle here:


Source Your Inner Jet-Pack! Rapid Transformations for Life's Jetsetters: A Clinical Hypnotherapist's Guide to Surviving the Global Pandemic (Source ... Jet-Setters. Book One - An Introduction): Jones, Rebecca: 9798710156605: Books


Rebecca has her own podcast sharing her ideas, her techniques, and her story. Rebecca has also been Featured on the Brainz Podcast, being interviewed about her business, her therapy and hypnotherapy work, her clinic, and her consultancy practice.

The Podcast, titled "How to Focus and Protect Your Mind in 2022: Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Jones" can be found on ITunes, Apple, and Spotifiy here: How To Focus And Protect Your Mind In 2022? Exclusive Interview With Rebecca Jones - Brainz Podcast | Podcast on Spotify


Rebecca also featured on the Front Cover of Brainz magazine, and also in an Exclusive Interview in the magazine where she describes her work with clients around the world, she discusses her own story, and what has led to her success, as well as her latest book which people can use to help themselves in the comfort of their own home.


Rebecca's latest interview in Brainz Magazine is available now.

Check out the full article and interview here:

Exclusive Interview With Clinical Hypnotherapist – Rebecca Jones (


During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Rebecca has donated her services freely to all doctors, nurses, and medical staff working in hospitals and ICU departments in hospitals worldwide.

Moreover, she has also been conducting her clinical research study and clinical trials to treat patients suffering from Long COVID.

There is no other such study taking place in the world. It is unique and one of a kind. It is the first of its kind globally and is at the forefront of therapy and innovation, described as a flagship and ground-breaking research study.

This has been followed by her uniquely devised therapeutic techniques and treatment plans for patients and clients and a series of workshops, seminars, and training programs for therapists, medical practitioners, doctors, and hypnotherapists.


Rebecca is now the CEO and Founder of the 'Long COVID Therapy Institute.'During the pandemic and Lockdown, Rebecca has also provided additional Free Online services, including Free Coaching courses for 'Resilience and Wellbeing in Lockdown' and free services for NHS doctors and nurses in the UK.


Rebecca has also been interviewed for the media and radio about her business and her work, as well as receiving numerous prestigious awards and accolades for her services and work in mental health, therapy, medical services, consultancy, and charitable work.

As well as working with her private clients in Clinic, Rebecca also provides Corporate seminars, events, & training, as well as Wellbeing sessions and Professional Development courses (CPD) for Businesses, Schools, Corporate clients, & Groups.


Rebecca is also an accredited and verified professional trainer: Training, qualifying, and certifying future Coaches, Mentors, Therapists, and Hypnotherapists. 


Rebecca is also a Clinical Registered Supervisor providing expert Clinical Supervision to recently trained, newly qualified, and newly registered therapists, as well as to highly experienced therapists and hypnotherapists at the peak of their careers.


Rebecca is a Guest speaker for public engagements, business events, charity dinners, and fundraisers, both in the UK and overseas.


Rebecca looks forward to meeting and welcoming people in Monte Carlo, Monaco later this year.


Rebecca's unique clinical hypnotherapy and consultancy methods enable individuals, private clients and corporate clients alike, to build better lives, redesign their futures, and create personal freedom today!


For further information and details please get in touch and contact Rebecca today:


Rebecca Jones M.A. (DipPCH) GHR GHSC GQHP (MAC)

Clinical Hypnotherapist | Consultant | Author


Harley Street Therapy Clinic | London W1 | UK

Fifth Avenue Therapy Clinic | Manhattan NYC | USA

UK | USA |  Worldwide


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