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  • 100%  of my clients say they would recommend me to a friend.
  • 100% of my clients rate me (Rebecca) with a 5* rating.
  • 100% of my clients rate their hypnotherapy session with me as a 5* rating.
  • 100% of my clients say they are happy & fully satisfied with their 'change' after only one session.
I work with people in a variety of countries, including the UK, France, the USA, across Asia, & more, either face to face, or via telephone & Skype.
I have a private practice seeing clients in Harley Street, London, and in Manchester, UK, as well as in Paris, & St. Malo, France, and further afield. 
Previous clients include the OECD, diplomats, executives, company directors, actors, entrepreneurs, musicians, self-employed, teachers, students, home-makers, nurses, artists, those searching for work, those with ill-health, and more...
If we connect and decide to work together (for coaching or hypnotherapy) then together we can decide our best means of moving forward. 
If face to face sessions are not possible due to distance we can have telephone or Skype sessions.  


I offer a FREE telephone consultation service, and Concessionary Rates are available.  

Please see my 'Fees' page for further details on my hypnotherapy and coaching fees.

Please feel free to get in touch with any queries or questions you may have, there is no obligation.  

Please contact me to find out more about the bespoke packages that are available.
I can provide a coaching &/or a hypnotherapy package tailored to your needs.
I am always happy to hear from you...
Always happy to help!
Please see more of my outstanding reviews & testimonials below...
and click here to read my successful 'Hypnotherapy Retreats' Reviews page;
"A life-change. Thank you so much!"
"My business took off and now I feel I can tackle anything".
"I have so much more confidence now and am having a real adventure!"
"I am just so excited for my future now - Thank you!"
"No more stress, no more anxiety. Just a sense of freedom in my life".
"I lost the weight that I had struggled with for 20 years".
"I have increased my motivation, my self-esteem and I feel empowered! Brilliant!"
"I quit smoking in one session and feel healthier than ever".
"I often got depressed and now I feel the happiest I've ever been. So grateful". 
"I hadn't been able to sleep and suffered from insomnia for years. Now I get a great night's sleep every night. Thanks".
"I used to suffer terribly from panic attacks but now it is no longer a fear for me or a worry to leave the house. I've got my life back!"
"My relationship is better than ever, thank you so much!"
"Super results and I can see the results in every single area of my life!"
"I have so much more faith in myself and my abilities now - nothing is impossible now".
"No more fear! Elated!"
"I kicked the habit!! Happy!"
"My phobia quite simply vanished into thin air!"
"What a Confidence Booster! The road ahead is now clear & bright. Thank you!"
"I have such inner strength & positivity now! A new 'me' filled with motivation and confidence". 
"I can see where my life is heading now - and I am driving it! Brilliant results! Thanks so much".
"My life rocks and I'm on fire!!"
"BEST coach ever!!"
"So kind and caring, yet challenging & effective too".
"Brilliantly talented and empathetic. A genuine, kind & sincere hypnotherapist & coach. Thank you for everything".

Fill in my contact form below, or e-mail:


Jeff Rasley

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