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"The only real voyage of discovery… consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."  

(Marcel Proust)


It’s never too soon, or too late, to transform your life, and start living your Dream Life NOW!!


I initially trained as a Mentor & Coach in the Public Sector fifteen years ago, and I am a Personal  Mentor, Life Coach, a Corporate Coach, and an Executive Coach & Mentor.  Over the years I have fine-tuned my skills and coaching style, and I am now a Transformational Coach, accredited by the Association for Coaching.  After fully transforming my own life to live the life of my dreams, my passion now is to facilitate others to do the same.




Do I need a Mentor in my life?

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For most people, even if life is ‘going OK’, they often know that there is more to life, that life could be so much better, easier, more enjoyable.


Imagine waking up every day feeling amazing, knowing you are doing what you love and experiencing creativity, calm, abundance, love and wellbeing in your life?


                                              "The Zen of Coaching"


Transformational Coaching is simply the art and science of awakening the whole of your potential.   As a Transformational Coach I bring out the absolute best in you by assisting you to uncover and unleash your full magnificence into the world. 

Do I really need a coach in my life?

We start this journey together by asking: ‘what would you love to create?'  In exploring your answer to this question we tap into your innate wisdom and resourcefulness which leads you to an inspired sense of your own possibility, power and potential.


Many coaches work from what we would call an ‘outside-in’ perspective, working with their clients on their external world issues and goals to achieve their best life possible.  Coaches work this way because like many, they believe in the notion of an ‘outside-in’ world; that we will be happier when:  we get a better job, a more beautiful partner, a bigger house, a flash car, or are on a self-improvement quest to become a ‘better’ version of ourselves. 


In transformational coaching I turn this perspective on its head and instead I use the ‘inside-out’ approach. 

It really is transformative coaching!!


Turning the World’s Formula for Success Upside Down... the ‘inside-out’ approach.


Transformational, transformative coaching turn the world’s outdated formula for success upside down. Instead of trying to do, create or get more, or have new, better, or different things to make you feel better, I assist you to experience the most profound feeling of well-being, success and happiness available to you.  And you get to live from that place for the rest of your life if you choose to.  In this paradigm you see that happiness leads to success, security leads to wealth, and your thoughts create your experience.


The moment you glimpse the ‘inside-out’ nature of our human experience, you see that we are not interpreters of our reality, we are the creators of our reality.  


Suddenly life stops seeming so scary as you realise that there is nothing you need to do or get to be happy.  


Any changes to be made in your life become obvious and while not always easy, are remarkably straightforward and the next steps are crystal clear.


As Mentor and Supercoach Michael Neill says;


‘When you see something fundamental about the nature of your experience, your experience shifts. Nothing changes, but everything’s different.  And then, as a result of that difference everything begins to change in the whole of your life, seemingly without effort and all by itself’.

Transformational, Transformative Coaching may be for you if you:


- Feel that there is more that you wish to experience in your life but are unsure where to start or how to get there.


- Want to live a more creative and inspired life.


- Want to have more wonderful and fulfilling relationships in the whole of your life.


- Feel ready to question the fears and beliefs that hold you back.


- Want to make quantum leaps into a more wonderful life.


- Want to find and live your genius.


- Are willing to allow more joy, miracles, and fun into your every day.


- Want to live your best life possible.

Why Coach with Me?

Having transformed my own life, and understanding the process from experience, it is now my purpose to help others to do the same and to live their dream life. 

Read more about this on my Mission page.

I understand the nature of thought, emotions, human behaviour and strategies for success from an ‘inside out’ perspective.


You talk. I listen. I say what I see. You say what you now see differently. Your life ignites.


Transformational Coaching is inspiring, adventurous, unique and honest.  


Coaching with me can lead to those "a-ha!" moments and is also really great fun. Above all else it will make an incredible difference to the quality of the life you live.


If you are serious about making transformational changes in your life then let’s have a conversation about working together.


What will I gain?


- You’ll emerge with an understanding of how your mind works.


- You will gain an overall sense of meaning and fulfillment, and the potential to get so much more out of the life you have; to not just get through life or go through the motions, but to actually love your life.


- You will walk away with an understanding of what really drives the changes you want to see in your life, and a hopefulness about the things that you had given up on.


- You will gain the ability to bounce back from things, both big and small. You’ll be able to get over things faster and easier, without all the “baggage” and emotional wear and tear.


- You will step back onto life’s roller coaster, carrying a secret weapon — the knowledge that nothing is broken, and never will be, as you experience an unshakeable feeling of revitalisation, wellbeing, creativity, contentment and peace.


The process is magnificently and magically transformative and will positively shift you for the rest of the whole of your life.


Zen & the Art of Coaching... Tell me more!!






Connect with me


If you have any questions about coaching, please feel free to email me and get in touch!


I am always to help!


Appointments are available at my private practice in Harley Street London, & Manchester, UK.      

Telephone & Skype appointments are also available Worldwide.


Face to face sessions, telephone, and Skype sessions are available whatever your need or requirement.


I also offer a FREE telephone consultation service.



Say YES to Your Wonderful Life Today!

Your greatest opportunity for a life filled with joy, love, peace, healing, creativity and abundance is, and will always be, now.


Coaching with me is THE game changer.

This may very well be the best decision of your life!

Say YES to transform your life!


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