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Please read my latest reviews & testimonials here... 5* Reviews and 10/10 Rated Testimonials from my clients. Thank you. Rebecca "The effect was immediate... The hypnosis was incredibly powerful & amazing!" (Manchester, UK) (See the full review at the end of the page) New York Client; "I contacted Rebecca as I realised I needed some help with a few things in my life. I live & work in New York and Rebecca agreed to see me and to help me. I had a one-off hypnotherapy appointment with her on Fifth Avenue, New York. The clinic was easy to find, opposite the Empire State Building. On arrival I was greeted by a doorman, and then welcomed at reception by the lovely reception staff who booked me in

Freedom from Addiction & Anxiety

Addiction, trauma, and anxiety are some of the most common issues and problems faced by people in today's busy, stressful and challenging society. And often, a client who is an addict may also be experiencing anxiety. Or vice versa, a person suffering from trauma or anxiety, may also be developing (or already have) an addiction. Clinical hypnotherapists are seeing an ever increasing number of clients facing these issues such as addiction, trauma and anxiety. And when you consider what we all have to manage, juggle, and combine in our lives, then actually, initially, it is no wonder people are suffering and are crying out for help. With our demanding bosses, fast-paced jobs, gruelling hours,

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