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  • 100%  of my clients say they would recommend me to a friend.
  • 100% of my clients rate me (Rebecca) with a 5* rating.
  • 100% of my clients rate their hypnotherapy session with me as a 5* rating.
  • 100% of my clients say they are happy & fully satisfied with their 'change' after only one session.


Retreat Reviews - RATED 10/10 by all our guests!!

*** Scroll down to read our in-depth 5 Star Reviews in full!! ***













Accommodation rated 10/10 by all guests.


"Thank you for this piece of paradise!"


"A great house with great views. Being so close to the sea. And the swing in the garden!!"


"VIP luxury - perfect!"


"A beautiful location and house, great walks, beaches to die for 2 minutes away, perfect place to retreat, relax and get away from it all... don't want to leave!"



Food rated 10/10 by all guests.


"Healthy, creative & plentiful! Really enjoyed it all"


"Yummy yummy!"


"I want all the recipes!!"


"Great food and lots of it!"



Activities rated 10/10  "Brilliant!"




"Perfect. I've gained so much. I want a manual!"


"Leaving so relaxed. It is heaven!"


"Fully experienced the teachings and sessions. Thank you so much!".


"Flexible, with lots of things to do, but also so relaxed and no pressure".



Hosts rated 10/10 by all guests.


"Kind, lovely, so welcoming and friendly".


"Thanks for the laughs!"


"I feel so secure here".


"Thank you for your kindness and good humour".


"Very kind!! Thank you".



Itinerary (& Free Time) rated 10/10  "You have given me so much!"


"Great! Loved the morning clifftop walk and meditation".


"Good times - chats with a cuppa on the sofa, followed by a little bit of yoga by the sea. Heaven!"


"Loved the Reiki and hypnotherapy as I've not had these before. WOW!!".


"Good that everything is optional. And there's plenty of time to be with others, as well as be alone. I took myself off to the beach for some 'me' time".


"The Life- coaching session really helped me lots and I got a lightbulb moment!!".


"VIP retreat!""I want to stay longer!"


"A beautiful place,  beautiful walks, and perfect, deserted beaches are minutes away!".


"A perfect place to retreat, relax and get away from it all... don't want to leave!"


"Who would've thought bright blue skies and turquoise seas in February! It's T.Shirt weather!"










"I've just come back from 3 wonderful days with Rebecca & Lyndsay.

I had a very relaxing time, learning lots of relaxation methods, yoga moves & new healthy recipes to try out when I get home.

Between the two of them I received meditation and hypnotherapy on the beautiful beach which is only a 5 minute walk from the house, reiki, Swedish massage and yoga classes.

Ever meal was expertly prepared by Lyndsey who cooks mostly vegan food and has introduced me to lots of new recipes. 
She was so good at accommodating any food intolerances or dislikes, not once did I feel hungry.

Rebecca sure knows her stuff when it comes with relaxation and self help techniques, she has taught me so much in such little time, I am so grateful.

They were both so welcoming and really made me feel like part of their family. 
Not only did they provide me with all these wonderful activities but they collected me from the airport and took me for a wee tour around St Malo before I got the train to Paris (talk about going the extra mile).

I would love to come back next year and would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to change something, learn more about themselves or just take some time out of your busy life.

Keep up the good work ladies, you are doing a fab job, I will always remember this".    


Claire - Scotland



"This time last week I was enjoying my first retreat, I can't tell you how much I needed to get away for a few days for some time, I couldn't have picked anywhere better, the flight was so easy and I was met at the airport with a friendly face, I was worried about this part as I don't speak french at all, but I didn't have to worry.
I went for the weight loss hypnotherapy, I ended up enjoying yoga, the food, the walking was amazing and the great company, I left feeling very relaxed, and in control of my eating thank you".


Lynda, London, UK.


"Thank you both for the amazing few days on my first retreat, I loved everything the hypnotherapy, the yoga, the food, the walking and scenery was spectacular, most of all you made me very welcome.......I'll be back for more definitely!"


L.G. Kent, UK.


Another 5* Review!!...

"I'm at St Malo station waiting for my train back to Paris, and I'm remembering Rebecca's words: "Your journey to self-discovery only really begins once you return home, to Paris. What will you take from this retreat that will help you in your daily life?" I'm going home with lots of tools in mind: yoga, reiki, a hypnotherapy session that has stopped me smoking, recipes (because when you taste Lindsay's cooking you'll want to eat it again and again) and of course, lots of gratitude, loads of ways to keep up this new energy, to keep the fire alive by myself...
And it'll be easy thanks to Rebecca and Lindsay who've spent these few days giving me everything I needed, and who led me with such kindness and empathy towards the life goal I told them about. In short, it was made to measure!!! Thanks again to the girls! Now it's up to me to continue on the path that they've opened up to me..."


M. Atlan, Paris. 

"It blows everyone else out of the water!"  - Sara, Egypt



"An unforgettable and life-changing experience."  - Anna, India



"Happy to have discovered Paris St. Cloud Retreats. Brilliant vibe, honest feelings, and magical place.  Creative, attractive, and inspiring retreats here... Lovely people. A week of peace, tranquility and change for me. I need more of this... Cheers!!"  - Bea, Spain



"It was my first retreat so I wasn't sure what to expect... But I can honestly say that it definitely won't be my last! Best week in a long time!  It was clear to see that so much thought had gone into the retreat.  What a paradise on earth! From the place, the sessions, the food, the great company, the activities, and just the people... Thank you for a truly magnificent time!  So relaxing, but so full too.  I was really happy to be given the freedom to choose how much or how little I wanted to do, and that just made me want to do more!  And nothing, or no request, was too much trouble.  I am fully recharged now! Thank you Thank you!!"  - Elizabeth, USA



"It's always difficult deciding which retreat to go on... But I am glad I chose this one.  I have been on many, many retreats but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this, or come on these retreats again.  It's amazing value for money, and it has really hit the spot.  I am just where I need to be now.  Yoga, walking, nature, meditation and simply relaxing and being.  I could have stayed for so much longer.  I have learnt so much. And laughed so much too...  Thank you very much."  - Dani P, Italy



"I've made a friend for life. Thank you!"  - Katy, Torun



"A wonderful time! Thank you so much... You've given me the change I didn't even know I was looking for!!"  - Mo B



"Great yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation sessions, as well as amazing food!! I loved the spa treatments on offer too! I had a great Swedish massage!  I also tried Reiki for the first time too which was extremely powerful and I will be coming back for more!! Beautiful surroundings, countryside, delightful beach, and I really got to see French life!! Bon voyage!!"  - Lucy, UK



"My Reiki session with Rebecca left me in tears... of relief! The back pain that had troubled me for months was gone."  - Lizzie



"If you want to come on a retreat, relax, unwind, find deep inner peace, find yourself, and be refreshed and feel alive, then come here.  I'll be here again next year guys!!"  - Cecile, France



"Best trip ever!!!! Don't want to go home. Thank you. Will definitely be back next year!!"  - Jay



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