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Most of us think we have time on our side, most of us plan our bucket lists for our retirement, and most of us dream of having a different life at some point in the future... a new career, a new relationship, a new life...


The truth is, we don't have time. Unfortunately most of us only realise this when it is too late - for example, when we become ill, lose our job, or lose a loved one.


At Paris St. Cloud, my mission is to provide you with the time, space, and the practices to enable you to take a step back, and consider your true life purpose. You will be able to consider who you are, and exactly what it is that you want in life, to be able to create your dream life, and start living it now.

My life changed forever after a serious ski accident at the age of 32, and I was unable to walk for four years. Now in my fifties, and the founder of the Paris St. Cloud practice and "Warriors of Calm" retreats I realise that if my "accident" had not occurred, I would not be living my dream life now.


So, at Paris St. Cloud, I gently, yet effectively guide and assist you to create and live your dream life, before it's too late, or before you are pushed to do so by external forces, or an accident or loss.


  • Why wait until something bad happens to make the changes you've always dreamed of?

  • Why wait until you're completely burnt out?

  • Why wait for your retirement, when actually you may then be too old or too sick to live your dream life, to travel, be free, or to tick everything off your bucket list?!


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Start today, be happy every day, and let your journey begin... today!!

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