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Overseas Client Programmes

Do you live abroad but want/need to have Hypnotherapy? Coaching? Mentoring?

Rebecca works successfully with many overseas clients.

Clients have ranged from UN diplomats, government officials, The European Council staff, British Council staff, lawyers, business leaders, VIPs, CEOs, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, stay-at-home mums, and many more...

Rebecca currently works with overseas clients across Europe, the USA, in Asia, & the Middle East, as well as around the UK.

Wherever you are and whatever you need, Rebecca has a programme to suit you.

You can either work with Rebecca remotely, using VOIP technologies such as Skype and GoToMeeting services.

Or Rebecca can come to you.

You can also visit Rebecca in Manchester or London UK.

So whichever your preference, Rebecca can help you, and enable you to move forward in life.

Get in touch today.

Book a free telephone consultation now!

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