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It's About Time

What do you spend your time on?

It only takes 100 hours (not the reported 1,000 or 10,000 hours) to become competent in any given field. With just 100 hours of application to any discipline you will gain full competency, knowing more than 95% of the population.

This may be playing a musical instrument, learning a second language, studying a science, playing a new sport, or anything else for that matter...


Many people spend time on other things instead. Negative things, or something that is detrimental to your health...

I recently worked with a client suffering from acute anxiety and panic.

I asked them how many hours a day they spent feeling anxious or worrying.

They told me: "Probably not that much. Maybe 5 hours a day".

So we did the Maths...

Spending 5 hours a day worrying, equals 35 hours a week, 1,820 hours a year, 9,100 hours over 5 years, 18,200 hours over 10 years, and an incredible 165,000 hours over a lifetime!!

Just think what you could do with all these extra hours!!

Especially if it only takes 100 hours to become fully competent in something...

How will you spend your day today?!

Spend your time wisely...

Learn how here...

It's really that easy...

It's really that simple...

Thank you,


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