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Changing Lives in a Morning

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

One Session.

3 Hours.

Transform your Life!

That's all it takes!

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Are you ready to change your life in a morning?!

My unique blend of clinical hypnotherapy, cutting edge neuroscience, psychotherapeutic strategies, & the latest mind & counselling techniques, alongside extremely powerful hypnosis, & my effective therapeutic techniques, enable you to change your life - FAST!

I only see my clients once. That is all that is needed.

Please have a look at my 5* client reviews & testimonials here;

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Change is easy, simple, and fast. You just need to know how to do it.

Use your brain for a change! I will show you how...

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy


Rebecca Jones (M.A.DipPCH) (GHR, GHSC, GQHP) is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a thriving practice in Harley St. London, and a therapy clinic on Deansgate in Manchester.

She trained, and now works with Paul McKenna & Dr. Richard Bandler. As part of their trusted staff team she now helps to run trainings, seminars, & corporate events in London, and the States.

Rebecca also travels extensively to her private clients around the world, including Paris, New York, UAE, and further afield.

Rebecca is a dedicated and experienced clinical hypnotherapist who cares deeply for her clients, and will always ensure success.

She also provides an online hypnotherapy service, & her new book and App will be published later this year.

You can find out more on her Harley Street Therapy Clinic website:

Rebecca also has News and Information websites for her American clients as follows;

Fifth Avenue Therapy Clinic

347 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

New York