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5* Reviews - 2018/19

Please read my latest reviews & testimonials here...

5* Reviews and 10/10 Rated Testimonials from my clients.

Thank you. Rebecca

"The effect was immediate... The hypnosis was incredibly powerful & amazing!" (Manchester, UK)

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"10/10. Thank you Rebecca. From a much happier & calmer AP."

(Anger issues). Greater Manchester, UK.

"Our family want to thank Rebecca for all her help, support and her brilliant hypnotherapy sessions. And their fantastic results. We can strongly rate and recommend her. Our family has looked for ways to overcome some issues. And hypnotherapy was definitely the answer. If you need help with anything from anger management, grief, or just coping with life, then I would encourage you to see Rebecca. She has helped our family no end. Thank you Rebecca". (Manchester, UK).

"10/10. Thank you Rebecca. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Thank you for all your help. It's been brilliant."

(Low self-esteem & confidence). Manchester, UK.

"I have suffered with sleep problems and insomnia for over 10 years. I've seen many consultants and doctors over the years. I've even been to see a doctor in India for a cure. But nothing worked. I was very anxious and stressed about it. My work and relationship was suffering. I went to see Rebecca for hypnotherapy. After just one session with Rebecca everything was better. I now sleep well every night. I am relaxed, much calmer, and can now enjoy going to bed, without worrying, and now sleeping very well. Thank you." NK.

"I have battled with a serious problem in my life, for all my adult life.

I wasn't sure how to deal with it, or what to do. Now I do, and I am getting my life back on track. I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Rebecca. And it is a miracle. I am now looking for work, a job, and making other changes in my life too. I have a lot to look forward to now... Thank you. And I now have the skills to do it.

Thank you Rebecca." PT

(Addiction - Drugs & alcohol). Manchester, UK.

"I have had an extreme spider phobia for over 65 years. Sadly it has ruled my life. I had one hypnotherapy session with Rebecca and it has vanished! I can't quite believe it. But it has. During the session I discovered when it began in my childhood, because before the session I couldn't remember where or why it began. With Rebecca's help I was able to finally put it to bed. Now I'm no longer afraid of spiders. I actually picked one up the other day to put outside. Thank you for this Rebecca". (Cheshire, UK).

Mentoring Programme Review Continued...

"I had been suffering from depression and low mood for a long time. I feel better and happier already. Rebecca not only resolved my problems, but she also taught me specific hypnosis techniques that I can now use for the rest of my life. If I am ever struggling again I know exactly what to do, and will keep using these invaluable techniques. I feel that I will never be depressed again as I have these tools now. I think everyone should learn these skills. Rebecca was also very willing to give me her time, our session ran over time, and it wasn't a problem for her. She was also happy to ring me during the week when I needed a reminder of a technique.

Thank you." (London, UK).

(Low self-esteem and depression). Greater Manchester, UK.

"I am much more relaxed. I haven't had a panic attack since my session with Rebecca. And I am going out and about my normal life, and doing much more. Thanks." (Panic attacks & PTSD). Cheshire, UK.

"I had a fear of bridges. I couldn't walk or drive over them. It was getting out of control and stopping me from doing things. Now I don't have this phobia and I can. Great result. Hypnotherapy really does work. Thanks." (Manchester, UK).

Corporate Client, Manchester, UK

"I had a bad experience many years ago. I just couldn't get over it. I had hypnotherapy with Rebecca. I am now at peace with it. I feel now I can move on with my life. A real gift."

Cheshire, UK.

"I was suffering from trauma and PTSD after a bad accident. Someone recommended Rebecca to me. I'm so glad I went to see her. I do honestly feel like I've got my life back, as corny as that sounds. I would also recommend her too. If you are experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, or have been in a stressful situation or have trauma in your life, I can say from experience that hypnotherapy really will help you. It has helped me so much. I can't thank Rebecca enough."

Mentoring Programme Review Continued...

"Rebecca worked with one of our 3 children earlier this year. It was a situation that needed resolving immediately. In one evening session Rebecca helped our child to do this. The issue was solved, and the results were immediate for us all to see. Our child could get on with their life once again.

Since then Rebecca has worked with our family on a couple of other things, and with other family members too. We continue to seek her help whenever we feel the need. Rebecca deals with us immediately, without hesitation, and with immediate positive effects. Working with Rebecca is the best thing our family has done. We are now moving forward as a family, in a new direction. And we thank Rebecca for that." (Overseas client)

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"A colleague & friend recommended Rebecca to me after I had been looking for a therapist to see. Rebecca is extremely professional, kind & caring, and I felt that she was completely committed to making sure I got what I came for. I had a difficult few weeks to get through, and Rebecca was always available and on hand, as well as by email & phone, to help me. And I have since recommended her to friends, family & colleagues. I have now signed up for her Mentoring Programme where I will be able to work with Rebeca over the next several months. I am looking forward to this new & exciting process, and to see where it takes me. Thank you". (London, UK)

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"I would recommend Rebecca to friends & family. I give her a 5* rating.

I was struggling with an addiction. And had tried everything else. Nothing seemed to work. Since my sessions with Rebecca I have got control over things, am happy to wake up in the morning, and my recovery is going well. Thank you Rebecca". (Addiction, UK).

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"Thank you Rebecca. 10/10. I can't thank you enough".

(Trauma, & PTSD. United Kingdom).

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"I had been ill for 3 years with acute anxiety and depression. I saw Rebecca for one session. I think I now have a brand new mindset, a more positive outlook, and a healthy perspective on life. My family feel like they have their Mum back. I now enjoy quality time with my kids, and am now looking for a new job. It did what it said it would, and it has changed my life. Thanks Rebecca". (Anxiety, Panic, & Depression, United Kingdom)

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"This year I worked with Rebecca on her 12 Month Mentoring Programme.

I live and work overseas. And my day to day life is often very stressful & challenging. Rebecca's weekly sessions enabled me to work on several issues and some of my behaviours that had been affecting my life for the worst. I am now much calmer, happier, & relaxed, and I am able to control my stress levels, and I feel more confident and happier in every area of my life. I have a far better work-life balance, and am enjoying my life for the first time in years! I give a 5* Rating. Highly recommended. I advise you to book a session with Rebecca. She will help you change your life for the better, if that's what you want! Thank you Rebecca".

(Overseas client; Mentoring Programme).

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"I have had a very successful session with Rebecca on Skype, abroad to me in the States. I have been able to get rid of a fear / phobia that I have battled with for most of my adult life. Since my Skype session, I decided to book a Face to Face session with Rebecca as it was so great. I then decided that I wanted to gain some more confidence and extra self esteem in my professional life and career. She gave me the option to travel to the UK, or for her to travel to me. I have since had a F2F session with Rebecca and the results have been more than I could wish for. I would rate Rebecca 5*. My career has already seen some big changes. If you are able to book a session with her, then you won't regret it! I think everyone should do it! Thanks Rebecca. Working with you has been my best decision yet! Thanks Rebecca".

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"I saw Rebecca in Harley Street, London. I had suffered with a really bad social phobia for a very long time. After just one session, at the end of the session Rebecca took me onto the streets of London. This is something I would never have done before. We walked around Oxford Circus, into busy shops, in crowds of people, traffic, and in lifts, and on escalators and more. This may seem easy to you. But for me, after hardly ever leaving the house, for me it is a miracle! Thank you Rebecca! After just one morning, just a few hours, I can say I now have my life back. I am ready to start living my life again".

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"I first met Rebecca at The Priory Hospital. About Rebecca, I would say she has a gift. Something that I think she can help so many people. She is kind, warm, caring and very effective at what she does. I don't know how she does it, or exactly what she does... But whatever it is, it works. It worked for me. She has helped me kick my addiction, regain control of my life, reconnect with my friends & family, and to get my life back on track. I now have a new place to live, a job, and a future. Forever grateful".

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

"I suffered a serious injury and went through a really big trauma and really bad life change. I thought that was it. I felt my life had ended. Rebecca showed me a new way. I now can see that my life is worth living. And she did this extremely generously, offering me free hypnotherapy for concessions. I am lucky to have met her. Thank you Rebecca. I am calmer, happier, getting to know myself, and my new self again. It is not easy to move on and be happy after these bad events, but Rebecca has helped me do that. Thank you".

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy
Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

Paul McKenna Rebecca Jones Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

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