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When You're in Recovery...

6 Tips to Take Back Control When You're in Recovery;

Getting back on track while in addiction recovery can be challenging, but you can definitely do it. You can make changes that will help you take back control over your home, health, and relationships.

Start with these six steps to see yourself truly thrive.

Make Coming Home Worthwhile

When you come home from recovery, you want to make sure you’re coming home to a loving, positive environment. According to Redfin, “You’ll want to find a place that helps you create a healthy, consistent routine without throwing you into the paths of old triggers. You’ll also want a loving environment to rebuild your relationships and bond with your family, a place where you can heal and focus on your recovery.” Look for a space within your budget, to avoid financial stress, and try to move away from any past triggers or negative relationships.

Find Ways to Rebuild Relationships

Addiction can tear families and friends apart, but recovery is a good time to start picking up the pieces. During recovery, you likely addressed any mental health issues, but it’s important for you to continue to maintain mental health practices. Couples or family counselling can be beneficial in helping you constructively reconnect with your loved ones. Create an open line of communication and find ways to deal with disputes that do not involve turning back to drugs or alcohol.

Stay Active

Regular exercise has been proven to help those in recovery stay sober, so make physical fitness a priority in your life. Join a gym or pick up some equipment for home, such as kettlebells and resistance bands. If you’re looking to spend more time with your loved ones, you can plan for activities that will help you all burn calories while bonding again. Go for a long hike or plan a bike ride together. However you stay fit, just be sure not to overdo it. Exercise addiction does happen and can carry some serious consequences for your health.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Nourishing your body with a balanced diet is critical to staying healthy and maintaining your sobriety. Food provides essential nutrients and vitamins that keep your body and mind operating at optimal levels, so try to stick to healthy, whole foods after recovery. Meal prepping is a wonderful way to stay on track with your diet, so try putting together some meals and snacks to keep you focused throughout the week. Cooking can be a good source of stress relief, so invest in a few healthy cookbooks and prepare some hearty meals for your entire family.

Pick Up a Hobby

One of the most basic triggers for recovering addicts happens to be boredom. So much of your former life was focused on your addiction, so you may find yourself with more free time once you return home. Try filling those idle hours with a new hobby. Hobbies combat boredom, but they can also help with another major trigger: stress. Pick up some art supplies and get into painting or grow some of that healthy food in your own garden. Caring for crops can be a soothing practice that provides a sense of accomplishment at harvest time. Don’t have a yard? Try some simple container gardens.

Consider Giving Back

Another wonderful way to pass the time is to put your skills to use helping others. Charity and volunteering has been shown to improve self-esteem and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. You can help clean up a local park or read to those who can’t. Want to help out your community and get in a little pet therapy? Help out at your local animal shelter. Many shelters offer opportunities to take homeless pets out for a day or weekend, giving you a chance to get active while bonding with a therapeutic furry friend.

There’s always hope for renewal and resolutions. You can resolve to get your life back after recovery by taking steps to renew your health, reaffirm your relationships, and create a positive environment to help keep you on track.

Adam - Addiction Hub USA

Rebecca would like to thank Adam from Addiction Hub USA for contributing this article to 'Paris St. Cloud Hypnotherapy' to help those in recovery from all types of addictions.

Thank you Adam.

Rebecca Jones.


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