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Cocaine Anonymous - Summer Festival Season 2018!

Summer is here! Keep your recovery on track; I've had much contact with Cocaine Anonymous this year...

I've been working with clients, client referrals to The Priory, and working with people who are wanting to beat their addictions, and change their lives for the better.

Cocaine Anonymous also works to help those affected by drugs, and cocaine addiction. And The Priory Hospital also helps to support these individuals, working with clients, families, and friends to overcome drug and substance misuse.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a completely safe, effective and successful way to enable people to overcome their addictions, aid recovery, and to transform their lives and themselves.

This year, Cocaine Anonymous UK is attending the summer festivals throughout the UK with a Recovery Tent.

So you can still attend all the summer festivals, and still have all the fun, without affecting your recovery programme.

Simply head to the CAUK Recovery Tent and they will be there for you.

To find out more, simply send me an email and I will send you all the useful links, and festival information that you need!

Have fun this summer!

The festival season is here!

Take care,


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