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The Secrets of Hypnosis...

It really doesn't matter how you label your 'issue' or problem.

Do you call it 'anger', 'drug addiction', 'panic attacks', 'anxiety', 'obesity', 'fear', or something else?

I see lots of clients with lots of different 'issues'.

And so rightly so, many people ask me how can hypnotherapy cure them all?!!

How is that possible??!!

The answer is simple.

Anger, depression, PTSD, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, addictions, etc etc, the list goes on... are all simply just labels.

They are symptoms. They are simply symptoms, they are not the cause.

They are not the real issue...

The mind is the real issue. People make their 'issue' into an object which they want to run away from. But it never is/was an object.

It is simply a learnt behaviour that has been programmed into their brain.

And so what I see when I have a client in front of me is where the person is at at this very moment, and where they want to be...

The 'anger' or 'stress' etc that they may tell me about is their conscious mind's way of describing something, labelling something, and their way of seeing their 'issue' as a thing, an entity which they want to get rid of...

That's NOT how it works...

Their labels, and how they describe their phobia/addiction/anger/etc etc to me is simply a way of dressing it up, wrapping it up in wrapping paper, and consciously being able to describe and label it...

There is nothing wrong with this...

But actually, all that has happened in reality is that the mind has temporarily gone AWOL, and is not performing exactly how it should be...

Our minds are an amazing machine, an incredible and sophisticated computer.

Sometimes it just goes into glitch mode, it malfunctions, and it simply needs rebooting and reprogramming...

And then it works perfectly well again!!

And that's just what Clinical Hypnotherapy does for us...

Hypnotherapy carefully reprogrammes the unconscious mind to do what it should be doing, to behave how it should be behaving, and then it's business as usual, and happy times ahead...

Our unconscious minds usually do everything perfectly well for us: they breathe for us, beat our hearts, pump blood around our bodies, and allow us to get on with our daily lives...

But just sometimes, our minds go AWOL and get stuck or lost in a neurological pattern that is not helpful to us.

This is where our 'anger', 'depression', 'anxiety' etc etc. happens...

Like a well-worn path, we go where we've been before.

We get very good at 'doing' anger/stress/addiction...

Just like the old saying goes; 'practice makes perfect'.

We can become our own worst enemies, getting so good at 'doing' anxiety/bulimia/drugs etc, that we become World Class athletes and experts at it!!

And so during hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we unlearn the unhelpful or damaging things we have learned to do, and we create new neural pathways to reset your unconscious mind back on track and heading in the right direction once more...

So the lables we use are only our conscious mind's way of coping, and telling people what disability, illness, or issue we have...

It really isn't the problem at all.

So what is the problem?

The problem is just a bad neurological habit, that someone has learned.

And the best thing about that is that if you can learn something, then you can unlearn it too!!!


And that's part of the magic of hypnotherapy!!

And now that we can forget these labels and descriptions of our 'issues' that we give ourselves, we can really get to the MAGIC...

One of the best things about Clinical Hypnotherapy is that it can all be content-free!!

Yes, you heard me right!!

In practice, in a Clinical Hypnotherapy session with me, I don't really need to know what your problem is, (although I'm always very happy to listen...)

In fact, you don't even need to know what your problem is yourself...

Many people don't...

Many people arrive in clinic saying they don't exactly know what their problem is, they just know that something isn't quite right.

That they just don't feel right, or life isn't just how it should be, but that they really don't know what to 'fix' or change or even how to help themselves...

The MAGIC!!...

In Clinical Hypnotherapy, it is the unconscious mind which does all the work. So you don't have to!

Your unconscious mind knows exactly what to do!

It's really a case of;

"Go inside & fix it! Job done!"

Clinical Hypnotherapy really is that powerful!!

It's a matter of letting your unconscious mind work for you.

It's a matter of unlearning bad neurological habits and patterns which you have learned.

It's a matter of creating new, awesome neurological pathways that work for you and work with you!!

It's a matter of "using your brain for a change!!"

If you would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch now.

Email Rebecca;

Appointments are available in;

*Harley Street, London

*Didsbury, Manchester

*Wilmslow, Cheshire

*Wigan, Lancashire



Thank you.


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