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Stay on the road & ACCELERATE...

Stay on the road and ACCELERATE...

A successful and happy life is less about what happens to us, & the events in our lives, or even what life throws at us, and actually more to do with how we react and respond to these events.


Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we respond.

Someone asked me the other day if you can create your own luck.

Over the years I've read lots of books on luck, chance, serendipity, synchronicity, and more besides...

And yes, I would say that I am extremely lucky in my life.

However, would someone else in my shoes, living my life, have considered themselves to be so lucky?! Maybe not...


However, aside from perception, what can you do to actually get more of the life that you want to be living?...

I feel that I have recreated my life 4 or 5 times over now.

Each time it was never planned or my intention to do so. Each time I was happily enjoying and living that life; what I presumed was my dream life, and the life I was destined for...

But life events took over and life was telling me that that wasn't the case, and that wasn't what I should be doing...

As life sends a curve ball, it simply means you should be doing/being something else in your life. The 'What' may not always be initially apparent... But that will come in time...

It is simply an opportunity to seize an adventure, take a risk, do something different, take a chance;

And move closer to whatever it is that is out there for you...

So, here are my 4 easy steps to getting more of what you want when life sends you a curve ball, or you just want to try something different, or perhaps you want to go the whole hog and recreate your life (again!!)...

Step 1; Make a Decision;

A or B. It really doesn't matter which. The most important thing is to make a decision. Nothing is ever set in stone, and you can always change your mind later...

Step 2; Calculated Risk;

Take a risk. But a calculated risk. You'll know how far you can go and how much of anything you will be comfortable in risking/losing. But if you don't take any risk, you'll only ever get more of the same... And you don't want that. You want bigger/brighter/better!! So take action!!

Step 3; Mistake or Moving Forward?

If you're not making mistakes, you're not making decisions nor are you moving forward... So expect to fumble along the way. It's part of the experience and you'll learn so much about yourself, others, and much more besides... So embrace making lots of mistakes. Eventually they become enjoyable... And they always end up as good (pub) stories for your friends / grandchildren years later!!

Step 4; Perception;

Are you happy? If not, why not? Are you 'stuck' in your mistake, or are you moving forward? If you're happy, then great... Carry on as planned. Business as usual - As you were!! And have fun too!!

But if you're not happy then there is another decision to be made about something, somewhere,... What is it?


And this stage simply repeat Steps 1 to 4.

Keep at it, and it WILL happen! You WILL get there. You don't need to know the 'How' or the 'Why'... Just know that 'it' WILL come... Whatever 'it' is...

Enjoy, experiment, and have fun guys!!!

Stay on the road & ACCELERATE...

Thank you,



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