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How can Rebecca help you?

How can Rebecca help you? Rebecca has experienced many life changes and career changes over the last 10 years. And within all of these changes she has purposefully recreated her life several times to ensure that she is always living a good life in which she is happy, laughing, and being the best that she can be. Rebecca realises that what life throws at us is less important than how we actually respond to it.

Over the last ten years Rebecca has; -Recovered fully despite all the medical evidence saying that she would never walk (unaided) again. -Awarded a National Teacher of the Year Award. -Lived abroad for 5 years in 3 different continents. -Travelled extensively throughout the last 5 years. -Worked for the United Nations in Kazakhstan. -Worked for the British Council in Egypt. -Worked with Tibetan refugees in India. -Worked with Sudanese refugees in Egypt. -Founded her own international business in Paris & St. Malo, France, (Paris St. Cloud). -Trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by Dr. Bandler, Paul McKenna & on GHR. -Hosted her own hypnotherapy beach retreats in Brittany, France. -Facilitator in Residence (Hypnotherapist) at Kalikalos Retreats, Greece. -Currently works alongside Paul McKenna & Dr. Bandler as part of their staff team running hypnosis seminars in London. -Runs her own private hypnotherapy clinic in Harley Street, London. -She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist residing in Manchester, with clinics in Didsbury & Wilmslow. -Is a founding partner in her new company 'Jones2' working with the Education Sector. -A teacher, a mentor, and a coach. -A Blogger. -A writer for the Hypnotherapy Directory. -A writer for Book Retreats. -In the process of writing two of her own books...

If you would like to achieve your goals and dreams today, get in touch with Rebecca NOW!!

Thank you,


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