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10 things that hypnotherapy works wonders for - Feel the magic!!

I have spent the last month in Greece at the superb, International retreat centre 'Kalikalos'. Inspired and influenced by the Findhorn Community in Scotland, Kalikalos is a 'Holistic Education Centre' and International Retreat Community.

I worked here this summer as a 'Facilitator in Residence' being the resident Clinical Hypnotherapist,(Dip PCH).

Guests were offered the opportunity to have an appointment(s) with me and to have hypnotherapy sessions for a variety of issues and goals.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat many issues and problems, and achieve a variety of goals including weight loss, smoking cessation, improving sleep patterns, and to stop insomnia, to gain confidence and motivation, to eradicate fears and phobias, to improve self-esteem, to remove stress, anxiety and panic attacks, to treat ill-health, and to increase happiness and success in all areas of your life.

Here are the TOP TEN issues that people seek hypnotherapy for;

1. Weight Loss

2. Improve sleep

3. Stop smoking

4. Eradicate fears and phobias

5. To treat stress, anxiety & panic attacks

6. Addictions & habits

7. Depression

8. Improve confidence, motivation, & self-esteem

9. Increase happiness & success

10. IBS & other health complaints

Of course there are more...

But what has been proven is that hypnotherapy is more successful, more effective, and much, much faster than all other therapies available today - FACT!!

For more information have a look at other articles and pages on this website and BLOG.

Please feel free to email me and get in touch with any enquiries, questions or problems you may have.

Thank you.

Have a good day!


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