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Mind your Mind | 5* Reviews - 2018/19

I have recently worked with several high-profile clients, both in New York and in London.

Whoever you are, and whichever continent you live in, we are all only human, and we will all suffer from stress and strain at some point in our lives - some more than others.

Look after your mind and your mental health - It's the only one you will get!!

Please read my latest reviews & testimonials here...

5* Reviews and 10/10 Rated Testimonials from my clients.

Thank you. Rebecca

"The effect was immediate... The hypnosis was incredibly powerful & amazing!" (Manchester, UK)

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"10/10. Thank you Rebecca. From a much happier & calmer AP."

(Anger issues). Greater Manchester, UK.

"Our family want to thank Rebecca for all her help, support and her brilliant hypnotherapy sessions. And their fantastic results. We can strongly rate and recommend her. Our family has looked for ways to overcome some issues. And hypnotherapy was definitely the answer. If you need help with anything from anger management, grief, or just coping with life, then I would encourage you to see Rebecca. She has helped our family no end. Thank you Rebecca". (Manchester, UK).

"10/10. Thank you Rebecca. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. Thank you for all your help. It's been brilliant."

(Low self-esteem & confidence). Manchester, UK.

"I have suffered with sleep problems and insomnia for over 10 years. I've seen many consultants and doctors over the years. I've even been to see a doctor in India for a cure. But nothing worked. I was very anxious and stressed about it. My work and relationship was suffering. I went to see Rebecca for hypnotherapy. After just one session with Rebecca everything was better. I now sleep well every night. I am relaxed, much calmer, and can now enjoy going to bed, without worrying, and now sleeping very well. Thank you." NK.

"I have battled with a serious problem in my life, for all my adult life.

I wasn't sure how to deal with it, or what to do. Now I do, and I am getting my life back on track. I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Rebecca. And it is a miracle. I am now looking for work, a job, and making other changes in my life too. I have a lot to look forward to now... Thank you. And I now have the skills to do it.

Thank you Rebecca." PT

(Addiction - Drugs & alcohol). Manchester, UK.

"I have had an extreme spider phobia for over 65 years. Sadly it has ruled my life. I had one hypnotherapy session with Rebecca and it has vanished! I can't quite believe it. But it has. During the session I discovered when it began in my childhood, because before the session I couldn't remember where or why it began. With Rebecca's help I was able to finally put it to bed. Now I'm no longer afraid of spiders. I actually picked one up the other day to put outside. Thank you for this Rebecca". (Cheshire, UK).

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