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Teenagers, Trauma, & Troubles...

Teenage suicide is on the rise. We're only one week in to the summer holidays and already I've worked with several young people at risk. Yes, I completely know the success and effectiveness of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

But that doesn't mean I can always quite believe it - I can't!!

I'm still always amazed, and have been known to shed a little tear of joy post-appointment at the sheer amazement and utter disbelief at someone's transformation!

For example, last year, the teenager who walked into my room for their first session with me; 'forced' to come by their desperate mother. A teenager who self-harmed, dangerously hallucinated, at risk of suicide, using drugs, & didn't leave one corner of their room.

A week later, the same young person who walked into my room for their second appointment with me was completely unrecognisable; vibrant, with an air of lightness, fresh, chatty, laughing, and telling me how they were busy applying for Saturday jobs, taking up a new sport, spending time now with friends, learning a new, cool hobby, and yes - smiling!... Wow!!

I'm always amazed at the power of hypnotherapy, despite knowing and understanding it. Clinical Hypnotherapy never ceases to amaze me!!

To see it in action, from one week to the next, is always unbelievable!!

So if you know a teenager or young person (or anyone for that matter...) in need, or at risk, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you think you can't afford my fees, then PLEASE just get in touch anyway...

Our Teenagers are awesome!!

Have a great summer everyone!!

PLEASE SHARE if you know someone, anyone, who may need help... xx

Appointments are available in;

*Harley Street, London

*Didsbury, Manchester

*Wilmslow, Cheshire

*Wigan, Lancashire



Thank you, Rebecca

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