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Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme

A teacher for 20 years, receiving a National Teacher of the Year Award, running three departments, a Lead Practitioner in the local authority, Literacy Co-ordinator, and receiving a National Award; Rebecca Jones is the founder of Paris St. Cloud, an international Education Consultancy company.

Rebecca gained the National Teacher of the Year award in the Urban Leadership category of the National Teaching Awards for her major role in turning around the successes of a school in a deprived area of Greater Manchester.

She has since worked and taught for the United Nations and the British Council in a variety of countries including Egypt and Kazakhstan developing projects in Education for refugees, diplomats, state education sectors, and Government Embassy staff.

Rebecca is also a fully registered and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach (M.A. PGCE DipPCH, GHR, GHSC, NLP) having trained alongside Dr. Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna. She is now part of their trusted staff team working alongside them running seminars and trainings in London. Such a partnership enables Rebecca to develop her specialisms and keep fully up to date with the latest developments in the fields of coaching, research, personal development, growth, and neuroscience.

She now runs a successful private practice in Harley Street, London, and Manchester, UK.

Previous clients include the OECD, NHS staff, Legal partners, bankers, teachers, entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

Combining her passion, dedication, and knowledge of the Education Sector, with her expertise in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coaching, means that Rebecca has a unique advantage and ability to work with students, staff, schools and all stakeholders in an education setting. She enables all of those involved to reach and exceed their full potential, and for significant value to be added to each individual, as well as to the school and sector as a whole.

Consultancy, Mentorship, Coaching, & Clinical Hypnotherapy for Schools:

Rebecca works with headteachers, staff, teachers, pupils, parents, whole school, stakeholders, community, and Ofsted, providing training, INSET, consultancy, mentorship and coaching to ensure you and your school community are the BEST you can be.

How will Rebecca help your school?

Schools request many different areas of their educational settings to be targetted and improved.

However, when working with Rebecca, when one change is made in one area of the school, other areas are also affected, and improved and as a result the whole school gains and advances.

Here are some of the areas that are targetted for school, staff & pupils:

Improved exam results, behaviour, attendance, punctuality, staff morale, staff retention, productivity & motivation, increased pupil numbers & staff, Ofsted inspections, consultancy for failing schools, high calibre staff recruitment, PRU &EBD schools, Independent schools, Academies, Outstanding schools, parental co-operation, stakeholders, Ofsted success strategies, reduced / zero exclusions, school focus & direction, community presence, class sizes, Y7 intake, Fast Track, Learning Trusts, exam confidence, anger management, stress control, peer pressure, bullying, pastoral care, safeguarding, terrorism & safety, anxiety & panic attacks, depression at work, team-building, performance management & boost, workforce confidence, healthy staff, CPD, training...

A FULL Needs Analysis is available for each individual school, staff, and pupil.

If you would like Rebecca to help improve your school, contact her today:

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