9 Ways your Thinking might be Distorted!

What is Cognitive Bias? How can we recognise it? And how can we stop doing it? "You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you". Cognitive bias is patterns of distorted thinking. We all think in distorted ways from time to time. But some more than others. Problems arise when we have cognitive bias more than not... It is important to remember that your thoughts are not necessarily correct and may be heavily skewed for a variety of reasons. Thoughts become inaccurate and exaggerated in distorted thinking. People often think in absolutes with no grey areas. The problem is that once we start 'thinking errors', we tend to stick with them. The


Mentorship Programme - 3 / 6 / 12 Months. Are you ready to be the next high-flyer?! Work with me for 3 / 6 / 12 Months. What is the Mentorship Programme?... Available with Rebecca in Manchester, London, UK, & Worldwide. Be Mentored by Rebecca for 3 months, 6 months, or even upto a whole year. (Flexible start dates). The 'Platinum Package' is also available (By Appointment only). Rebecca is a fully qualified and experienced Coach, Mentor, and Hypnotherapist, working successfully with people around the world to turn their dreams into plans, and their plans into real- life successes. Meeting with Rebecca twice a month, (F2F or virtually), together you will make the difference that is nee

Teenagers, Trauma, & Troubles...

Teenage suicide is on the rise. We're only one week in to the summer holidays and already I've worked with several young people at risk. Yes, I completely know the success and effectiveness of Clinical Hypnotherapy. But that doesn't mean I can always quite believe it - I can't!! I'm still always amazed, and have been known to shed a little tear of joy post-appointment at the sheer amazement and utter disbelief at someone's transformation! For example, last year, the teenager who walked into my room for their first session with me; 'forced' to come by their desperate mother. A teenager who self-harmed, dangerously hallucinated, at risk of suicide, using drugs, & didn't leave one corner of the

The Secrets of Hypnosis...

It really doesn't matter how you label your 'issue' or problem. Do you call it 'anger', 'drug addiction', 'panic attacks', 'anxiety', 'obesity', 'fear', or something else? I see lots of clients with lots of different 'issues'. And so rightly so, many people ask me how can hypnotherapy cure them all?!! How is that possible??!! The answer is simple. Anger, depression, PTSD, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, addictions, etc etc, the list goes on... are all simply just labels. They are symptoms. They are simply symptoms, they are not the cause. They are not the real issue... The mind is the real issue. People make their 'issue' into an object which they want to run away from. But it

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