Stay on the road & ACCELERATE...

Stay on the road and ACCELERATE... A successful and happy life is less about what happens to us, & the events in our lives, or even what life throws at us, and actually more to do with how we react and respond to these events. PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING!! Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we respond. Someone asked me the other day if you can create your own luck. Over the years I've read lots of books on luck, chance, serendipity, synchronicity, and more besides... And yes, I would say that I am extremely lucky in my life. However, would someone else in my shoes, living my life, have considered themselves to be so lucky?! Maybe not... And so yes, PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING!! However, a

Virtual Hypnotherapy Worldwide

Did you know that Clinical Hypnotherapy can successfully be delivered virtually, via Skype? It works just as effectively as a face-to-Face session, simply by seeing the client virtually via the internet. Amazing isn't it?!! I currently have clients in Australia, Thailand, Dubai, and the USA. And I have worked with clients and corporations in every continent around the world... So wherever you are, what are you waiting for?!... Connect and get in touch with me today. Book your life-changing Clinical Hypnotherapy session NOW!! Email me; Thank you, Rebecca

Stress & Trauma Clinic | Manchester | London | Harley Street | UK

The Stress & Trauma Clinic (Manchester | London | Harley Street | UK): For sufferers of trauma, stress, PTSD, acute anxiety, depression and more... Rebecca is a fully certified, registered, and insured Clinical Hypnotherapist (M.A. DipPCH) with a thriving practice in Manchester, and a clinic in London's Harley Street. Rebecca is also an NHS registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as being registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and the Hypnotherapy Directory. If you would like to speak with Rebecca, make an enquiry, or book an appointment, either in Manchester or London, please get in

Use Your Brain for a Change; CBT, Family Therapy, & Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy combines the best of therapeutic techniques, psychotherapy, & hypnosis, (including CBT, Family Therapy, and Clinical Hypnotherapy), to foster change, and enable you yourself to use your own brain for a change!... What you think, decides how you feel! Learn how to become your own therapist - Today!! Identify your problems, set goals, and move towards a healthier outlook on life!! Become adept at identifying and changing your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs for the better... LEARN HOW TO CREATE NEW NEURAL PATHWAYS & REPROGRAMME YOUR BRAIN... CBT, together with hypnosis, helps you to deconstruct your thinking patterns (attitudes, assumptions, & beliefs) - Fast! And then decide wha

100% Success!!

100% of my clients say they would recommend me to a friend. 100% of my clients rate me (Rebecca) with a 5* rating. 100% of my clients rate their hypnotherapy session with me as a 5* rating. 100% of my clients say they are happy & fully satisfied with their 'change' after only one session.

We Love London & Manchester! x

As the weeks and months pass since the terror attacks, victims and families will be experiencing a range of effects and emotions. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and grief will not be the same for any one person. And symptoms and experiences will vary for each individual. It is important to remember that there is no right way to grieve, and there is no right way to react to a traumatic event. Every person is an individual who will go through their own unique stages and experiences, at their own pace. I am offering Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions for victims, families,and anyone directly affected by the terror attacks in Manchester and London. Please get in touch;

Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme

A teacher for 20 years, receiving a National Teacher of the Year Award, running three departments, a Lead Practitioner in the local authority, Literacy Co-ordinator, and receiving a National Award; Rebecca Jones is the founder of Paris St. Cloud, an international Education Consultancy company. Rebecca gained the National Teacher of the Year award in the Urban Leadership category of the National Teaching Awards for her major role in turning around the successes of a school in a deprived area of Greater Manchester. She has since worked and taught for the United Nations and the British Council in a variety of countries including Egypt and Kazakhstan developing projects in Education for refugees

4 New UK Locations!

Check out the new clinic locations!! Private Practice in:​ Harley Street, London Manchester, UK Cheshire, UK Paris & St. Malo, France Clinical Hypnotherapy appointments are now available in 4 locations across the UK. In Greater Manchester; Didsbury Village, Manchester. Wilmslow, Manchester, Wigan, Gtr Manchester. In London; Harley Street, London.

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