1, 2, 3! Private Practice - Workshops - Retreats!

1, 2, 3! Welcome to the 3 easy ways to Transform your World!! Private Practice - Workshops - Retreats. Paris St. Cloud now offers you 3 ways to transform your life and live your dreams. 1. PRIVATE PRACTICE - Clinical Hypnotherapy & Coaching. (Paris-London-St.Malo) I run my own private practice and I work with clients in London, UK, and also in Paris and Dinard - St. Malo, Brittany, France. Personalised, tailor-made appointments, and bespoke packages are available for private, individual clients. Couples appointments are also available. Telephone & Skype appointments are available worldwide. Corporate packages are available on request. 2. WORKSHOPS - Clinical Hypnotherapy & Coaching. (Paris-L

Live like a Rio Olympic Champion!

Courageous Living - Wouldn't you love to live your life with such confidence, pride, excitement & joy as an Olympic Gold medallist?! Well the truth is - you can! We all have an inner strength that surprises us from time to time. For example, during an accident, a crisis, or an emergency we often surprise ourselves with our innate strength, courage and wisdom. The way to live now is to recognise and remember that we all have access to these qualities during every moment of every day, whenever they are needed. But it is also important to remember that we may not want to live every minute of our lives using these extreme and powerful qualities and this unique energy. Sometimes it is best to sa

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